Campaigner says Fraser Island dingoes are still starving

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  • 3rd May 2013 8:26 AM
The sight of this dingo sparked concern from Fraser Island visitors and residents.
The sight of this dingo sparked concern from Fraser Island visitors and residents. Contributed

THE sight of a thin dingo at Hook Point on Fraser Island has caused distress among residents and tourists, according to a dingo campaigner.

But Fraser Island area manager Ross Belcher said the sight of a thin juvenile dingo was quite normal during the dingo mating season, between March and June each year, as the animals started to find their own territory and food.

Marie-Louise Sarjeant said the dingo had recently been seen seeking food from a tourist on the island, describing it as “starving, terribly emaciated … with despair and desperation in her eyes”.

A photo of the dingo was sent to her from a concerned resident, Ms Sarjeant said.

The Sunshine Coast woman said the resident had also contacted the RSPCA.

“Visitors and tourists are very disturbed by what they see,” she said.

“The starvation of puppies and adult dingoes is obviously still going on after years of anger from the public.”

Mr Belcher said it was common for young dingoes to lose weight immediately after leaving their dens as they learned to hunt.

“No visitors or residents have expressed concerns to QPWS staff about this issue,” he said.

Fraser Island dingoes

  • The Fraser Island dingo is believed to be one of the last few pure strains of dingo remaining in Australia
  • The dingo population on the island is estimated to be about 300
  • Wild dingoes can live for up to 10 years



  1. I fully agree with Marie-louseS comments – and like dingosimon I question the 300 dingoes estimate at present on Fraser Island

  2. something has to be done to help these dingos, they do not deserve to be left to starve to death, would you like your family somewhere without food, no, so come on please do something, and I don’t mean cull

  3. I fully agree with Barbara Pelczynska.
    I do not believe, after such long term destruction and deprivation the Fraser Island Dingoes have suffered at the hands of successive Qld. Governments, that many are left at all. Most sighted appear to be starving and there are no attempts whatsoever to feed them. The Qld. Govt has done a totally disgusting job in its role as guardian of our last pure strain Dingo!

  4. I too question the numbers , Fraser Island’s Dingo population will never be safe from ill informed fools , the last Ecosure report is proof that they will continue with their hidden agenda of destroying and vilifying Dingoes . How on earth does one of Ecosure’s great changes to Dingo management ( to monitor social media) help Dingoes ? What a pathetic joke and it only lends an ear to the fact QLD is fast becoming gestapo state , just look at the way they treated Jennifer Parkhurst . QLD government including Andrew Powell and his side kick Belcher are controlled by the National Farmers Federation and they have an ingrained one eyed view of the Dingo which has been handed down to them for 200 years by ignorant ancestors who knew nothing but scorched earth policy and kill everything that is not making money for them , of which this ill informed attitude still persists today in the minds of idiots with bad farming practices !! Get off Fraser Island , hand eco management back to it rightful owners and while at it ban farmers from our National Parks on the mainland ,the Dingoes and all else have enough problems and don’t need cattle or sheep in whats left of their safe havens destroying the land as they have everywhere else in this country .

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