Our backyard verandah is now the local cafe and breakfast bar to six Butcher Birds and now one Spangled Drongo !

Wow, what an amazing bird.  It’s completely beautiful, being a combination of shiny dark blue and black feathers with red eyes.  Drongo flies like an angel and is so clever.   Sitting on a flax leaf a few days ago, this Drongo decided after watching us feed the butcher birds that maybe, just maybe she could get fed too.

So swooping in a beautiful arc, she lets us know that yes, food is acceptable and our reward will be a spectacular display of acrobatics.    Thus far, she visits twice a day and we reckon she will soon be happy to sit on the verandah rail with the butcher boys for breakfast.

It’s such a blessing to live high on a hill with a bird paradise.   Black cockatoos, pelicans, lorikeets, kookaburras, eastern rosellas, the list is endless and so is the joy !



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