Australians for Animals Inc.

Australians for Animals (AFA) believes in the guiding hand of Spirit. In over 24 years of campaigning, we have always worked our butts off and had faith in the knowledge that there are miracles.

Some of our campaigns have been run on the smell of an oil rag. Huge campaigns which have required lawsuits in the United States against the Administration. Yet always, help arrives in the form of lawyers, scientists or funds that are entirely unexpected. Sometimes we lose. Sometimes we win. But there’s lessons in loss and victory and sometimes, it’s the journey that counts.

AFA knows that a small group of committed people can bring about extraordinary changes. As long as ego isn’t involved, progress can be made.

The charity has made certain over the years that we retain our status as a grass roots organization. AFA believes that grass roots communities are, in the end, the only reality.