Australians for Animals Inc. (AFA) is a 27 year old Australian charity with a long history of action in environmental and animal rights campaigns within Australia and overseas.

Founded in 1981 by ex Fairfax investigative journalist, Sue Arnold, together with a small group of talented and motivated people, AFA has made its mark internationally.  All campaigns are run with the support of  an informal Advisory Board of highly skilled scientists and lawyers who advise, review and guide the campaigns of the charity.

AFA made history in the 90’s as the first Australian group to have an animal listed under the provisions of the US Endangered Species Act.   After 8 years of dedicated effort involving one of the most major research projects ever undertaken on the Koala, AFA succeeded in having the Koala listed as Threatened.

For many years, Sue Arnold was Secretary of the Sun-Herald Koala Fund, writing many columns and articles on the plight of the Koala.

For the last 12 years, AFA has focussed almost entirely on whales and dolphins.  As an accredited International Whaling Commission NGO, the charity has regularly sent a representative to the IWC Convention meetings.   With field offices in France, the US, and the Caribbean, AFA covers a great deal of territory in its work on cetaceans.

AFA initiated the successful campaign in the European Parliament against Low Frequency Sonar in European waters which resulted in a resolution for a moratorium.  AFA has considerable experience in lobbying the European Parliament and Commission, the US Congress, the British House of Commons and the Australian Federal Government.

AFA initiated six lawsuits and legal challenges in the USA to prevent the Makah Tribe from killing Gray Whales.   These challenges were successful and so far, the Tribe has not been able to legally slaughter these majestic friendly whales.

Two more lawsuits were mounted in  the early 2000’s to stop the US Navy using experimenting on heavily pregnant Gray Whales and their newborn calves. The experiment was designed to refine Low Frequency Sonar (LFAS), a sonar system which has caused devastation to cetaceans, marine mammals, and fish.

AFA is deeply involved in the international campaign to stop the dolphin trade in the Solomon Islands.

At heart and in practice, AFA is a grass roots group focussed on grass roots action.  We believe in involving the broad community through dialogue and meaningful discussion.  We love talking to the “ bad “ guys, more often than not finding common ground.

The time for action by the whole community is long overdue.  AFA believes that one person can make a difference.  Two people can create mircacles.

The Earth and its magnificent gift of life deserve the best efforts of every human.