Great Barrier Reef and the Queensland Elections

AFA has had long experience with the impact of noise in the marine environment.  

Given the projected number of ports along Queensland’s urban coastline together with a massive increase in coal ships, the acoustic trauma to marine creatures will be incredibly destructive.  So destructive in fact that the fate of Humpback whales, dolphins, dugongs, turtles, coral, fish, and many  other marine creatures may be extinction.  Noise in the marine environment causes enormous stress, it interrupts or prevents communication between animals, disrupts efforts to locate prey and creates an environment which deprives marine creatures of their ability to navigate their habitat.  
Noise in the ocean is like making a city of  hearing and sighted humans deaf and blind.  In the US, research demonstrates that whales are losing up to 60% of their acoustic habitat because of the noise of shipping vessels alone.
But by far the most concerning aspect of noise is the fact that Australia has no state or federal legislation that addresses noise in the marine environment.  At a time when all our coastlines will be littered with ports and massive infrastructure to service the oil, gas and coal industry, the failure of governments to introduce legislation on noise is criminal.
No media in this country will take up the noise issue.  AFA has written personal letters to the Editors of major newspapers, contacted enviro journalists and tried everything in the charity’s power to get noise on the political agenda.

Contact your political representatives, please !
For the Animals who really need help, Sue Arnold & Friends.

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