Every morning our family is greeted by butcher birds waiting for breakfast.

We live in an area which is a year round home range for the birds and we only feed small amounts so that they are not dependent.    But such joy !   Each bird has a personality of its own.   ” Flut” as I’ve christened her ( and who knows if its a her or him) makes herself known by flutting all over the verandah encouraging me to throw the small balls of mince to her.   She will not sit on the railing and be hand fed but prefers acrobatics.

Then there’s Scratchy Nose who is probably a female as well since she has an enormous appetite and we think she’s feeding a clutch.  Scratchy is pretty tame and quite happy with hand feeding.

Baby butch is a newbie.  He’s absolutely hopeless.  His picture is below.  Too scared to take food from any human hand, incapable of catching a small mince ball unless encouraged to WATCH THE BALL.  Gradually he will change into a black and white butcher bird, well that’s what the bird book says.

Every day the birds reward us with their truly beautiful song.  We watch as they blow themselves up, lifting heads back and serenading the neighbourhood.     We’re very thankful for this wonderful experience.

The world is a pretty scary place

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