In yet another sign that Australia no longer has a democracy, Ms Gillard is in India selling uranium to the Indian government for ” peaceful purposes” in spite of the fact that the overwhelming majority of Australians are totally opposed to mining uranium in this country.

Nor has the issue that India has not signed the nuclear non proliferation convention been a worry for Ms Gillard.   In NSW, the O’Farrell government is also hell bent on uranium exploration in spite of the fact that this was not an election issue, there’s zero public support for uranium mining in NSW and huge opposition.

What we’re seeing in Australia today is massive public protest over critical issues which are being completely ignored by our political masters and for the most part, ignored by the media which is owned by the Murdochs and banks.

Instead, we’re fed a steady diet of absolute rubbish.   The appalling speech in Parliament by Gillard on misogyny would be a laughing matter if it was not now the focus of mountains of paper and opinions.  Someone should tell the PM to try going to Saudi Arabia or other fanatical Middle eastern countries and see what misogyny really is.     The Federal Parliament has become the new kindergarten where the public is treated to a daily slanging match and the major issues just keep on going down the gurgle.

Along the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, Minister Against the Environment, Tony Burke has given Gina Hancock and her Indian Partner (GVK Hancock Alpha Coal Project) another boost by allowing massive destruction of seagrass meadows which the increasingly vulnerable and disappearing Dugongs and Turtles depend on.

Does the environment rate a mention in any media ?  When was the last time you saw an in depth documentary on national TV which dealt with the appalling and escalating destruction of Australia’s magnificent and unique environment.
These are dark days for animals and the Earth.

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