Beware the makers of Spin – They work to a method.

Toby RalphWe don’t know if marketing guru and propagandist Toby Ralph knows much about wind farms. But he certainly knows how big companies bulldoze small communities.
Speaking on The Gruen Planet recently, he referred to the following template companies use to counter community opposition.

1. Forge local relationships
2. Understand local concerns
3. Create local opinion leaders
4. Claim the middle ground
5. Employ activists as consultants … and
6. Marginalize the remainder

Which, as Ralph said, is called the FUCCEM (pronounced Fuck-em) principle. This is something we’re sure our friends at Acciona, Hepburn Wind, Pacific Hydro, Union Fenosa, AGL, Epuron and others would be familiar with.

And here’s a great infographic which shows us exactly what to beware of….



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