Last night I watched Q & A on ABC Television.   I listened carefully to the thoughtful question asked of Joyce about cruelty in abattoirs and the need for supervision, perhaps by internal cameras.

Joyce responded with his usual vitriol against those who were brave enough to expose the horrific cruelty being visited on defenseless animals in abattoirs and in overseas slaughter houses.    How dare they, he said – over and over again.  And no, he thought cameras were a bad idea, just another Big Brother.

Then we were treated to how he killed sheep on his property and how he didn’t like it much but it had to be done.   Other panelists made pathetic responses to the problem – no they didn’t want to have this “stuff in their faces” and basically, they liked their steak.

Australians for Animals Inc believes everyone should witness the suffering of animals in abattoirs, they should see the fear, the terror and the brutality inflicted on so many.   There are no rangers, officers, RSPCA inspectors in these places of death.  Just the slaughter-men who can do what they like with no worries about being compassionate.

The questioner was not suggesting public TV monitors in abattoirs but a way of ensuring internally that the slaughters could be watched and those responsible for animal welfare, could be responsible for any cruelty by employees.

There have been far too many appalling incidents here and overseas of horrific cruelty to animals in abattoirs.   Joyce is a devotee of the live export trade no matter how many animals die, are left stranded in some dreadful overseas port or  who suffer unforgiveable cruelty.

Barnaby Joyce should not be Minister for Agriculture.  A man so lacking in compassion and understanding of the needs of animals is better suited to running a concentration camp.

It is clear from his rant last night that Joyce thinks of animals as things without feeling, incapable of suffering.  Objects that translate into dollars.

An immoral man who does not deserve to be given any place in a responsible government.


Sue Arnold, Co-ordinator.  29th July, 2014


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