koala rescue guidelines

Koala Rescue Guidelines Now Available for Download


This fact sheet has been put together by Australians for
Animals Inc. to help individuals and communities take action
to help save koalas. These guidelines include rescues, local
government action, state and federal action, media and
information on petitions. Importantly emotional stress is also
The charity has a long history of campaigns for koalas,
the most successful resulting in the koala being listed as
Threatened under the US Endangered Species Act.
Our Co ordinator was Secretary of the Sun Herald Koala Fund
for many years writing regular columns and making extensive
field trips to koala regions.

Please click HERE to download a printable PDF of the Koala Rescue Guidelines.

koala rescue guidelines


  1. RondaDecember 29, 2018

    To Sue Arnold Co-Ordinator Australians for Animals Inc.
    Thank you for your great efforts to save our KOALAS.
    Best wishes……I hope this New Year 2019 will be a positive
    one for all animals in our care. Ronda.

  2. Chris JuddFebruary 19, 2020

    To the wonderful people at AFA thank you for doing what you do. The Koala Rescue Guideline is a fantastic, practical bible for all people concerned about or rescuing a koala. Great to see an organisation empowering the general public, a tool to help stop feelings of helplessness about the koala carnage.


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